Are you a recent graduate looking to transition successfully into the workplace?

Whether you've just got your Bachelors, Masters or PhD, I can help you save time and money by getting you set up for an exciting career that not only capitalizes on what you've learned in college, but also satisfies your more fundamental needs.

A job that aligns with your values, that capitalizes on your strengths, and sets you up for long-term sustainable success.

They don't teach you this in college, which is why so many people struggle when they first move into the workplace.

The tools I use to help you build your career are the same tools I use with top executives in both private and public sector organizations. They are not technical tools - not 'how to write a good resume' - but transformational tools that build self-knowledge, self-awareness and leadership skills.

I am currently doing all my work over Skype, Facetime or phone. This is easier for you and allows me to work with people all over the world. I've helped clients in the UK, Canada, and the United States build careers they love so give me a call or complete the form below today to get started.

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Julian Humphreys is an ICF-certified coach based in Toronto, Canada. In addition to career coaching for recent graduates he does leadership coaching with Hazell & Collins Associates, teaches Creativity and Collaboration at Ryerson University, and edits the academic journal Philosophy of Coaching. He has an MA and PhD in Education, and is married with two young children.