Developing creative leaders capable of solving today's complex business challenges


Executive Coaching

Thought partnership and advisory for C-suite executives

Leadership Coaching

Developmental coaching and assessment for senior leaders

Personal Coaching

Career and relationship coaching for individuals and teams


I use a proprietary, evidence-based coaching framework to create the context for leaders to move through four transformational stages in their leadership journey.

Learn more about how this framework helps leaders effortlessly move through the four stages of leader development


"Skillfully guides conversations and dissects issues"

- Francis McKenna, Economist, Ministry of Finance, Ontario Public Service

"Very informative, a good listener, with a wealth of experience"

- Dina El-Sahrigy, Deputy Medical Director, Rouge Valley Health Systems

“Thoughtful and progressive approach towards coaching”

- Jennifer Stubbs, Senior Manager, Cabinet Office, Government of Ontario

“Incredible skill in guiding me to my areas of greatest need and challenging me to work through difficult situations”

- Bill Roy, Director, Strategy and Integration Branch, OPS

“Genuinely listens and makes strong personal connections with his clients.”

- Tony Stillo, Manager, Ontario Ministry of Finance

"Has given me a greater level of awareness"

- Martin Shepherdly, Director, BeThere Global

"Helped me structure my entrepreneurial activities to deliver real success"

- Jason Neale, Managing Partner at Old Kent Road Financial

“Provided me with great insight and kept me committed to my own personal progress.”

- Dorothy Holster, Director, Ministry of Labor, Ontario Public Service

“Ever ready to offer true gems of wisdom.”

- Karin Groen, Change Leader, Lifelabs


I've been an independent consultant since 1999, first partnering with senior leaders on communications strategy before transitioning into leadership and executive coaching.

I've taught at universities in Canada and the US, both in professional areas (communications, creativity, collaboration) and academic areas (philosophy, psychology, music).

In 2016 I founded Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal, which has quickly grown to be one of the world’s leading coaching journals, combining theoretical understanding with practical experience.

A consultant to CEOs and senior managers for close to twenty years, I'm passionate about supporting leaders on their leadership journey.


My Approach to Coaching

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What Leadership Means to Me

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The Value of a Daily Meditation Practice

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