Make a Positive and Lasting Impact on the World with ICF-Certified Executive Coaching

Hi.  My name's Julian Humphreys and I’m a leadership development consultant and ICF-certified executive coach.

I have a PhD in Education from the University of Toronto and was trained by the Coaches Training Institute and the Centre for Right Relationship in California.

I’ve been doing leadership assessment and coaching for the past five years, working with entrepreneurs, business owners and organizational leaders, mostly at the Director level.

My approach is evidence-based and draws on the latest research in developmental psychology, evolutionary biology, and neuroscience.

I believe people grow to their full potential when their assumptions are revealed and challenged within a context of safety and security, so I aim to provide the right balance of challenge and support in my coaching.

A typical coaching engagement with me usually includes:

1. A getting to know you period, where trust is built and opportunities for growth identified.  This may include psychometric assessments.

2. A period of growing awareness of individual traits, values, strengths and saboteurs (derailers), for the sake of optimizing leadership effectiveness.

3. A period of practising and experimenting with new behaviours and attitudes, ideally including the enrolment of others in the leadership development process.

Most recently I’ve been working with new and acting director-level leaders in the Ontario Public Service. I did Leadership Circle Profile and other assessments with them to identify growth opportunities in their leadership, and supported them as they pro-actively addressed some of the challenges they faced in their new roles. I also did one-on-one interviews with their bosses and HR reps in order to get a broader understanding of the organization and their place within it.

Last but not least, we had fun! I believe it’s important to build rapport and have fun with clients, as it makes the often difficult task of meeting leadership challenges head on possible.

Here's what people say about me (to verify visit my linkedin profile):​

"A true expert on trust"



"Oozes intelligence"

"Creative and inspirational"

"A true role model"

"Unique, refreshing and interesting"

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