Existential coaching for career and relationship success

Existential Coaching addresses many of life's most challenging questions, including:

Career – What do you want, why do you want it, and how are you going to get it?

Relationships – How do you approach relationships? Are you getting what you want and need from your relationships? How authentic are you being in your relationships? Are you building or losing trust in your day-to-day interactions?

Parenting – What kind of relationship do you have with your children, and is it the relationship you want? What do you hope for for your children and why? Is what you are doing with your children working?

Sex – What role does sex play in your life? Are you sexually satisfied? What could make you more sexually satisfied, and is that possible?

Family of origin – What relationship do you have with your family of origin. How is early experience with your family of origin effecting who you are now, both positively and negatively?

Identity – Who are you really, and how do you know?

Knowledge – What do you know, how do you know that what you know is true, and is there more you can know that would make your life better?

Death – What is your experience of death? How is your understanding of death and dying impacting how you live today?

Spirituality – What are your spiritual beliefs? How did you come to hold these spiritual beliefs, and are you spiritually fulfilled?

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Julian Humphreys is an ICF-certified coach based in Toronto, Canada. In addition to existential coaching he does leadership coaching with Hazell Collins Associates, teaches Creativity and Collaboration at Ryerson University, and edits the academic journal Philosophy of Coaching. He has an MA and PhD in the Philosophy of Education from McGill University and the University of Toronto respectively. He is married to a journalist, with two children ages 5 and 8.