Are you evolving yourself, your team and your organization to meet the complex challenges of today's business environment?

We live in a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), and organizations, teams and individuals need to evolve to meet the challenges of VUCA.

Luckily, we now know what is required for individual leaders, teams and organizations to succeed in a VUCA world. We know the exact nature of the transformation that is called for.

It is not a change in mindset, organizational process, or business model - although all three of these may change as a consequence of this more fundamental transformation.

The change that VUCA calls for is a change in consciousness - from a mind that is socialized into a particular culture, to a mind that is free to explore the outer peripheries, and ultimately transcend, the culture within which it arose.

I support individuals, teams and organizations as they develop this shift in consciousness, using tools and assessments that are theoretically sound, statistically proven, practical and accessible.

With a mixture of executive coaching, team coaching and leadership workshops, I help you build the capacities needed to meet the complex challenges of today's business environment head on.

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